Brody visits Southwest Michigan German Shepherd Rescue

Recently Brody and I have been lucky enough to spend time with some of the dogs at Southwest Michigan German Shepherd Rescue. Located near Battle Creek, MI, they have been hard at work helping out many of the less-fortunate dogs who end up at high kill shelters all over the country.

This is Nikko, one of the awesome dogs available for adoption!

This is Nikko, one of the awesome dogs available for adoption!

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to spend some time walking the dogs, brushing them and just giving them some attention. Every single one that I have spent some time with would make an exceptional and loving pet in a lucky home. That is really saying something since we have no idea about the history of many of these dogs. Some have been abused, abandoned by their owners, had rocks thrown at them and more. The one thing they all have in common is that none of them deserved it.

Southwest Michigan German Shepherd Rescue does such a great service for all of these dogs. When I am out walking the dogs I can’t help but think that if it weren’t for these amazing people who work at the rescue, as well as the incredible volunteers who pull the dogs from the shelter and drive them all over the country, that this awesome dog I am currently walking around wouldn’t be here today. He or she would have been euthanized by now. I am constantly amazed that anyone could have given up one of these wonderful dogs.

The rescue also pays for any health issues these dogs may have upon arrival. This is no small thing either, since they can need x-rays, surgery, medications, spaying/neutering, heartworm preventative, vaccinations, the list goes on and on.

The work they do wouldn’t be possible without some very generous people who donate money and items to help care for the dogs. If you would like to help out, you can send donations via PayPal to or for more information check out their Facebook page: Southwest Michigan German Shepherd Rescue.

They also have a wish list on Amazon! There are items in a list there that they are in desperate need of. It’s a very convenient way to help out the dogs!

On their Facebook page you can find out more information about the rescue as well as see photos of all of the dogs currently available for adoption. You can also see the best picture gallery there is… the one that contains pictures of all of the adopted dogs.

Brody hasn’t really figured out what to make of our trips to the rescue yet. However when we get home he always tries to be extra cute and very well behaved. I can’t help but think of those parents at a mall who tell their kids if they don’t start behaving themselves they will leave them at the store…

Look how cute I am... wasn't I good today? Do you want me to go get the newspaper?

Look how cute I am… wasn’t I good today? Do you want me to go get the newspaper?

So please help out if you can, you can make a difference in the lives of these great dogs. Some are young, some are old. Some are purebred German Shepherds, some are mixed breeds. Some are outgoing, some are shy. All of them do not deserve to be abandoned. All of them deserve a great life in a loving home. Southwest Michigan German Shepherd rescue makes that possible.

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